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Collagen for skin

The largest organ on a human body is skin which constitutes about 15% of its total weight. The 3 layers of skin are composed of the epidermis, dermis and sub-cutaneous tissues. The living skin is referred to as the dermis and takes up about 90% of the skin. The interesting thing is, 75% of the [...]

When Collagen Capsules Hit The Shelfs

Collagen capsules

Collagen was originally designed for joint pain relief and overall joint health. Amazingly enough it was the beauty industry that used collagen benefits initially.  This first started as painful injections similar to Botox, but now with collagen capsules available, everything’s changed. The beauty industry has traditionally targeted women, but that’s changing as well.  Men are [...]

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Collagen - The Most Powerful Way To Help Fight The Symptoms Of Aging

The marketplace has numerous anti-aging products available; all of which promise excellent health benefits with few actually delivering results if any at all. Among the most effective products are collagen supplements which have a number of excellent benefits. Type 2 collagen is used extensively today to help reduce the appearance of fine line wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and other symptoms of aging that appear on the skin. Collagen pills and capsules are effective because they directly address the cause of these problems unlike other products that only give limited results.

Your body undergoes various changes as you age. One of the changes that occur is the reduction of collagen levels in your skin. Over the years your skin gets thinner and thinner resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and a reduction of skin support. In order to reduce fine line wrinkles and promote healthy skin, you must help your body restore the collagen levels. This is what our Encore collagen capsules are specifically designed to do.

Regular consumption of collagen protein in the form of collagen capsules brings positive benefits to your body. Another benefit that accompanies collagen supplements is a reduction in join pain. Our collagen supplements help reduce joint aches and pains associated with aging as it naturally contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid (3 major ingredients in joint health support). Your joints are primarily made of collagen II or also known as type 2 collagen so it makes perfect sense to ensure your collagen levels are replenished. Yet another great benefit of collagen is its promotion of healthy hair and nails too.

When buying collagen you need to make sure that you are choosing only the best quality. Don’t ever presume that all collagen pills and capsules that you find online are made equal. Though we wish that all the collagen supplements that you find are equally effective, this is far from reality. You must use only pure collagen in order to see the real results you are looking for. Encore collagen is the purest form of collagen available today; it is made with natural ingredients. Our product surpasses the rest on the market and is made in the USA.

Buy Encore pure collagen and join the thousands of satisfied customers who are absolutely delighted with the product. This is our flagship product and no corners have been cut. Encore collagen is the highest type II collagen on the market which provides you with the full potential benefits of using a pure collagen supplement.

Do not be misled by the promises made by various other skincare products and anti-aging products online. No other product can beat Encore collagen. Before the arrival of collagen supplements, collagen was only available in the form of topical cream and painful injections. The effectiveness of these creams were limited due to poor absorption rate therefore the product benefits were also limited. Injections are very costly, painful and, not to mention, dangerous. Encore collagen pills help you overcome these limitations by presenting you with natural collagen capsules.

We at Encore believe the biggest advantage of taking natural collagen for skin is that the results produced by our pure collagen pills last longer than any other form of anti-aging products and at a fraction of the cost. Order today with confidence and let the many benefits of Encore pure type 2 collagen start working for you.